0-10V 0-500A DC Regulated Power Supply with Remote Control Adjustable DC Power Supply

Product Description:

The GKD10-500CVC customized dc power supply has remote control box for users to easily control dc power supply. It has forced air cooling system and customized output current and voltage.

Product size: 35*42*55cm

Net weight: 45kg


  • Input Parameters

    Input Parameters

    AC Input 380V Three Phase
  • Output Parameters

    Output Parameters

    DC 0~10V 0~500A continuously adjustable
  • Output Power

    Output Power

  • Cooling Method

    Cooling Method

    Forced air cooling
  • Control Mode

    Control Mode

    Remote control
  • Screen Display

    Screen Display

    Digital display
  • Multiple Protections

    Multiple Protections

    OVP, OCP, OTP, SCP protections
  • Tailored Design

    Tailored Design

    Support OEM &OEM
  • Output Efficiency

    Output Efficiency

  • Load Regulation

    Load Regulation

    ≤±1% FS

Model & Data

Model number Output ripple Current display precision Volt display precision CC/CV Precision Ramp-up and ramp-down Over-shoot
GKD10-500CVC VPP≤0.5% ≤10mA ≤10mV ≤10mA/10mV 0~99S No

Product Applications

DC power supplies play a significant role in testing renewable energy systems such as solar panels and wind turbines.

Renewable Energy System Testing

Researchers can use DC power supplies to simulate the varying output characteristics of these energy sources and evaluate the performance of power conditioning systems, inverters, and energy storage devices.

  • DC power supplies provide the necessary electrical power to drive control devices, such as programmable logic controllers (PLCs), distributed control systems (DCS), and other control modules. They ensure a stable and reliable power supply for accurate control and operation of industrial processes.
    Powering Control Devices
    Powering Control Devices
  • DC power supplies play a crucial role in motor control applications within industrial control systems. They provide the required electrical power and voltage regulation for controlling motors, motor drives, and motor control circuits. DC power supplies enable precise speed control, torque control, and motor direction control.
    Motor Control
    Motor Control
  • DC power supplies are utilized to provide power to control panels in industrial control systems. Control panels house various control components, interfaces, and displays. DC power supplies ensure reliable and continuous power supply to the control panel for proper operation and monitoring of the industrial processes.
    Control Panel Power
    Control Panel Power
  • In critical industrial control systems, redundant power systems are employed to ensure continuous operation and mitigate the risk of power failure. DC power supplies are used to power redundant systems, providing backup power in case of primary power source failure.
    Redundant Power Systems
    Redundant Power Systems

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