Electroplating Rectifier for Metal Surface Treatment High Power Regulated DC Power Supply 20V 1500A 30KW

Product Description:

The GKD20-1500CVC dc power supply is with an output voltage of 20 volts and a output current of 1500 amperes. With 4 fans to cool down the temperature. Analog terminal is the back panel of the dc power supply. Local control of the rectifier for voltage and current.

Product size: 63.5*39.5*53cm

Net weight: 66.5kg


  • Input Parameters

    Input Parameters

    AC Input 240V Three Phase
  • Output Parameters

    Output Parameters

    DC 0~20V 0~1500A continuously adjustable
  • Output Power

    Output Power

  • Cooling Method

    Cooling Method

    Forced air cooling
  • PLC Analog

    PLC Analog

    0-10V/ 4-20mA/ 0-5V
  • Interface


    RS485/ RS232
  • Control Mode

    Control Mode

    Remote control
  • Screen Display

    Screen Display

    Digital screen display
  • Multiple Protections

    Multiple Protections

    OVP, OCP, OTP, SCP protections
  • Control Way

    Control Way

    PLC/ Micro-controller

Model & Data

Model number Output ripple Current display precision Volt display precision CC/CV Precision Ramp-up and ramp-down Over-shoot
GKD20-1500CVC VPP≤0.5% ≤10mA ≤10mV ≤10mA/10mV 0~99S No

Product Applications

This dc power supply is employed in water treatment plants and the chlor-alkali industry.

Water Treatment and Chlor-Alkali Industry

The rectifier is employed in water treatment plants and the chlor-alkali industry for generating chlorine and sodium hydroxide through electrolysis processes. The precise control and high-current capacity of the rectifier ensure consistent and reliable production.

  • In the metals and mining industry, DC (Direct Current) power supplies play a crucial role in powering various equipment and processes involved in extracting, processing, and refining metals and minerals. These power supplies are utilized for diverse applications across the entire value chain, from mining operations to metal production and processing facilities.
    Metals & Mining
    Metals & Mining
  • DC power supplies are utilized for a variety of purposes, ranging from electrochemical processes to powering equipment and control systems. These power supplies are critical for enabling chemical reactions, providing energy for laboratory equipment, and ensuring the safe and efficient operation of various chemical processes.
  • In the glass manufacturing and processing industry, DC (Direct Current) power supplies are crucial components for specific applications that require precise control, heating, and forming of glass materials. These power supplies are used in various stages of glass production, such as glass melting, tempering, and specialized glass processing, contributing to the quality, efficiency, and versatility of glass products.
  • In the automotive industry, DC (Direct Current) power supplies are used for a wide range of applications, powering various systems and components in vehicles. These power supplies play a critical role in ensuring the functionality, safety, and efficiency of modern automobiles, from internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles to electric and hybrid vehicles.

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