Programmable DC Power Supply 40V 7000A 280kw Rectifier with RS232 RS485 for Surface Treatment Polishing Rectifier

Product Description:

280kw programmable dc power supply is with local control and touch screen display for voltage and current, RS-232/RS-485/USB interface for PC control, and the 280kw dc power supply facilitates auto test and auto control. The frequency is 0~10Hz and Pulse duration minimum of 100 ms.

Product size: 86.5*87.5*196cm

Net weight: 553kg


  • Input Parameters

    Input Parameters

    AC 415 Input 110v±10% Three Phase
  • Output Parameters

    Output Parameters

    DC 0~40V 0~7000A continuously adjustable
  • Output Power

    Output Power

  • Cooling Method

    Cooling Method

    Forced air cooling& water cooling
  • Interface


    RS485/ RS232
  • Control Mode

    Control Mode

    Local control
  • Screen Display

    Screen Display

    Touch screen display
  • Multiple Protections

    Multiple Protections

    OVP, OCP, OTP, SCP protections
  • PLC Analog

    PLC Analog

    0-10V/ 4-20mA/ 0-5V
  • Load Regulation

    Load Regulation

    ≤±1% FS

Model & Data

Model number Output ripple Current display precision Volt display precision CC/CV Precision Ramp-up and ramp-down Over-shoot
GKD40-7000CVC VPP≤0.5% ≤10mA ≤10mV ≤10mA/10mV 0~99S No

Product Applications

This power supply is designed to deliver a single, well-defined pulse of DC power for specific tasks, making it particularly valuable in areas where precise timing and voltage control are essential.

Metal Polishing

The 40V 7000A DC power supply is a specialized power supply used in electroplating applications. Electroplating is a process that involves depositing a layer of metal onto a surface using an electric current. The process requires a constant and steady current to achieve a uniform deposition of a thin layer of metal on the surface. The 40V 7000A DC power supply provides the necessary current and voltage required for the electroplating process.

  • DC power supplies are used to power various electronic devices such as computers, mobile phones, tablets, household appliances, and more. These devices typically require a stable DC power supply to provide reliable power.
  • DC power supplies are used to power communication systems such as mobile communication base stations, satellite communication equipment, wireless radio communication devices, and more. These systems often require a stable power supply to ensure reliable communication.
    Communication Systems
    Communication Systems
  • Many industrial control systems utilize DC power supplies to power sensors, actuators, Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs), and other equipment. DC power supplies can provide stable voltage and current to ensure the smooth operation of industrial processes.
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    Industrial Control Systems
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    Automotive and Transportation

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