Adjustable DC Power Supply Voltage and Current Independently 5V 1000A 5KW AC 380V Input 3 Phase

Product Description:

The GKD5-1000CVC customized DC power supply is a powerful device capable of delivering up to 1000 amps of current at a voltage of 5 volts. It is designed to provide a stable and reliable source of power for applications that require high current and precise voltage regulation.

Package size: 71.5*45.6*22cm

Net weight: 43.5kg


  • Input Parameters

    Input Parameters

    AC Input 380V Three Phase
  • Output Parameters

    Output Parameters

    DC 0~5V 0~1000A continuously adjustable
  • Output Power

    Output Power

  • Cooling Method

    Cooling Method

    Forced air cooling
  • Control Mode

    Control Mode

    Local control
  • Screen Display

    Screen Display

    Digital display
  • Multiple Protections

    Multiple Protections

    OVP, OCP, OTP, SCP protections
  • Tailored Design

    Tailored Design

    Support OEM &OEM
  • Output Efficiency

    Output Efficiency

  • Load Regulation

    Load Regulation

    ≤±1% FS

Model & Data

Model number Output ripple Current display precision Volt display precision CC/CV Precision Ramp-up and ramp-down Over-shoot
GKD5-1000CVC VPP≤0.5% ≤10mA ≤10mV ≤10mA/10mV 0~99S No

Product Applications

The low voltage power supply is portable with its compact size for any outdoor occasion uses like camping and another outdoor activities.


A camping DC power supply is a convenient and portable power source designed for outdoor activities, such as camping, hiking, and other off-grid adventures. This type of power supply enables you to power small electronic devices, charge batteries, and provide basic electrical power in remote locations where traditional power outlets are not available.

  • DC power supplies are used in various material testing and characterization experiments. They supply the necessary voltage and current for mechanical testing, such as conducting tensile, compression, or bending tests on materials. DC power supplies are also used in thermal testing setups to provide controlled power for heating or cooling samples to study thermal properties and behavior.
    Material Testing and Characterization
    Material Testing and Characterization
  • DC power supplies play a critical role in battery and energy storage research. Researchers use them to simulate charging and discharging conditions for testing battery performance, cycle life, and efficiency. DC power supplies enable precise control of voltage and current profiles, allowing researchers to analyze the behavior and characteristics of different battery chemistries and energy storage systems.
    Battery and Energy Storage Research
    Battery and Energy Storage Research
  • DC power supplies are used in the electrolysis of water, where water is split into hydrogen and oxygen. In an electrolysis cell, the positive electrode (anode) and negative electrode (cathode) are connected through a DC power supply, facilitating the electrochemical reaction that produces hydrogen and oxygen.
    Electrolysis of Water
    Electrolysis of Water
  • Fuel cells are devices that generate electricity using hydrogen gas. DC power supplies are used to provide the required electrical power to fuel cells. They convert AC power from external sources, such as the grid or energy storage systems, into the DC power needed for fuel cells.
    Fuel Cells
    Fuel Cells

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