Electric Hydrogen

Here’s a customer case study based on our experience providing 1000KW hydrogen power supply to Electric Hydrogen, an American company focused on developing renewable energy and hydrogen technologies:
Customer Need:
Electric Hydrogen is a company committed to providing more environmentally friendly and sustainable solutions for global energy demand through the development and production of renewable energy and hydrogen technologies. To achieve this goal, they required a reliable high-power DC power supply to power their hydrogen production equipment.

Problem to Solve:
Previously, Electric Hydrogen used a low-power DC power supply that could only meet the needs of small hydrogen production equipment. However, it was insufficient for the 1000KW hydrogen production equipment. As a result, Electric Hydrogen faced the following issues:

Inability to meet the high-power requirements of the hydrogen production equipment, resulting in low production efficiency;
Inefficient hydrogen production leading to energy waste and environmental pollution;
A need for a reliable power supply to ensure the stability and safety of the hydrogen production process.
Our Solution:
To meet Electric Hydrogen’s requirements, we provided a high-power DC power supply with an output power of 1000KW. Our product had the following features:
High Efficiency: Utilizing high-efficiency power conversion technology, our power supply could convert AC power to DC power, reducing energy waste.
Stability: Our power supply had a comprehensive protection and control system to ensure the stability and safety of the hydrogen production process.
Reliability: Our power supply used high-quality electronic components and materials to ensure its long-term reliability and durability.
Customization: We customized our product according to Electric Hydrogen’s specific needs to meet their hydrogen production equipment requirements.
Customer Feedback:
Electric Hydrogen was very satisfied with our high-power DC power supply, and provided the following feedback:
High-quality product with good stability, meeting the high-power requirements of their hydrogen production process;
Improved hydrogen production efficiency with significantly increased energy utilization;
Guaranteed product reliability and safety, providing strong support for their production and environmental protection work;
Strong customization capabilities to meet their specific needs.
In summary, our high-power DC power supply provided a reliable solution for Electric Hydrogen’s hydrogen production equipment needs, resulting in improved efficiency and environmental¬†benefits.


Post time: Jul-07-2023