Switching DC Power Supply Low Ripple Programmable DC Power Supply 35V 100A Laboratory R&D

Product Description:

Xingtongli has developed a stable variable-switching DC power supply with minimal noise and ripple. Our switching power supply is widely used in research and laboratory environments due to its outstanding noise performance. The PWM process enables the switching power supplies to be built with very high power efficiency and small form factor.

Product size: 46.5*35.5*15cm

Net weight: 17.5kg


  • Input Parameters

    Input Parameters

    AC Input 480v±10% 3 Phase
  • Output Parameters

    Output Parameters

    DC 0~50V 0~5000A continuously adjustable
  • Output Power

    Output Power

  • Cooling Method

    Cooling Method

    forced air cooling / water cooling
  • PLC Analog

    PLC Analog

    0-10V/ 4-20mA/ 0-5V
  • Interface


    RS485/ RS232
  • Control Mode

    Control Mode

    remote control design
  • Screen Display

    Screen Display

    digital display
  • Multiple Protections

    Multiple Protections

    lack phase over-heating over-voltage over-current short circuit
  • Control Way

    Control Way

    PLC/ Microcontroller

Model & Data

Model number

Output ripple

Current display precision

Volt display precision

CC/CV Precision

Ramp-up and ramp-down


GKD35-100CVC VPP≤0.5% ≤10mA ≤10mV ≤10mA/10mV 0~99S No

Product Applications

This dc power supply is mainly used in university laboratories.

University Laboratory

DC power supplies are essential for powering and testing electronic circuits designed by students. They provide a reliable source of power to prototype and experiment with different circuit configurations.

Student Projects

Students working on individual or group projects across various disciplines may require DC power supplies for their specific applications, ranging from robotics to control systems.

Communication Systems

DC power supplies are utilized in labs that explore communication systems. They can power devices such as signal generators, amplifiers, and receivers used in communication experiments.

Material Science Experiments

Researchers in material science labs use DC power supplies for electroplating, electrolysis, and other processes that involve the application of controlled electrical currents to materials.

Power System Studies

In power systems and energy-related labs, DC power supplies may be used for experiments related to power distribution, renewable energy systems, and energy storage.

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