DC Power Supplies Used in Testing for the Recycling of Used Batteries

Direct current (DC) power supplies play a crucial role in the testing of used batteries during the recycling process. In this procedure, DC power supplies are commonly employed to simulate the discharge and charge processes of batteries, allowing for the evaluation of battery performance, capacity, and cycle life parameters.

Take the TL24V/200A series as an example:

SAVA (1)




Output voltage

0-24V continuously adjustable

Output current

0-200A continuously adjustable

Output power


Max input current


Max input power



AC input 220V Single Phase

Control mode

Local panel control

Cooing way

Forced air cooling

Low ripple with RS485 control high frequency dc power supply
Application: used batteries testing

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Xingtongli power supplies used in the testing for second hand batteries:

Simulation of Discharge Process: DC power supplies can simulate the discharge process of batteries by providing a controlled current to discharge the battery. This helps assess the battery's discharge capacity, voltage characteristics, and power performance under different loads.

Simulation of Charge Process: By providing a reverse current, DC power supplies can simulate the battery charging process. This aids in evaluating charging efficiency, charging time, and charging voltage performance of the battery.

Cycle Testing: DC power supplies are utilized for cycling tests, involving repeated charge and discharge cycles to assess the battery's cycle life. This is crucial for determining whether the battery maintains good performance after multiple charge and discharge cycles.

Capacity Determination: By controlling the output current of the DC power supply, the capacity of the battery can be measured. This is instrumental in determining the available energy of the battery in practical applications.

Stability Testing: The stable output of DC power supplies contributes to ensuring the accuracy and repeatability of the testing process, resulting in reliable test results.

Battery Protection Testing: During the recycling of used batteries, DC power supplies can also be used to test the battery's protection functions, such as overcharge protection and over-discharge protection, ensuring the safety of the battery during usage.

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In summary, DC power supplies are essential tools in the testing of used batteries for recycling. They provide a controllable power source to simulate various battery behaviors under different conditions, offering necessary support for the assessment and optimization of battery performance.

Post time: Jan-26-2024