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  • Xingtongli New Design GKD400-2560CVC Series Rectifier

    Xingtongli New Design GKD400-2560CVC Series Rectifier

    Xingtongli has designed and introduced a new high-power power supply product, the GKD400-2560CVC. This product features a high-voltage 400VDC output, making it suitable for a wide range of applications, including large-scale charging stations, various types of light and ...
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  • Applications of the Xingtongli Rectifier

    Applications of the Xingtongli Rectifier

    Regarding rectifiers in electroplating process, such as chrome, zinc, copper, gold, nickel, etc., there are various types of rectifier applications. Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) Rectifiers PWM rectifiers are a highly controllable type of rectifier suitable for electroplating processes that requi...
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  • Xingtongli GKDM60-360CVC Dual Pulse Power Forms and Characteristics Common Forms

    Xingtongli GKDM60-360CVC Dual Pulse Power Forms and Characteristics Common Forms

    The square wave pulse is the most basic form of pulsed electroplating current and is generally referred to as a single pulse. Other commonly used forms derived from single pulses include direct current superimposed pulses, periodic reversing pulses, intermittent pulses, ...
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  • Xingtongli Rectifier Installation

    Installation Notice Installation Environment Item Criterion Place Room Temperature -10℃~+40℃ Relative Humidity 5~95%(Not icing) Environment Being not exposed in sunshine and the environment should haveno dust,no burning gas,no steam,no water...
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  • Xingtongli Rectifier Instructions

    1. Front panel                                       back panel 1-AC Input Switch (Single Phase-1P, Three Phase-3P) to Control AC Power Supply 2-Time Relay (User Optional), Timing Control 3-Output Voltage Display Header (V) 4-Output Current Display Header (A) 5-Constant Current/Constant Voltage ...
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  • Xingtongli GKD45-2000CVC Electrochemical Water Treatment Rectifier

    In the world, everything has its pros and cons. The progress of society and the improvement of people's living standards inevitably lead to environmental pollution. Wastewater is one such issue. With the rapid development of industries such as petrochemicals, textiles, p...
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  • Xingtongli High Frequency Rectifier Introduction

    The Xingtongli brand high-frequency electroplating power supply is a specialized surface treatment equipment developed by our company using the latest international high-frequency switching power supply technology. Its primary components are made of high-quality imported materials, ensuring stron...
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  • Microelectrolysis Water Treatment Technology

    As research progresses, the technology for treating industrial wastewater using iron-carbon microelectrolysis has become increasingly mature. Microelectrolysis technology is gaining prominence in the treatment of recalcitrant industrial wastewater and has found widespread application in engineeri...
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  • The Crucial Role of Rectifier in the Anodizing Process

    High frequency anodizing power supply usually has precise constant-current and constant-voltage output characteristics, and the control accuracy is within ±0.5V and ±0.5A, respectively. Support local and remote control two modes of operation. It has the function of timing and timing of oxidation ...
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  • The Role of Electrolytic Rectifiers in Copper Electrolysis

    Electrolytic rectifiers play a fundamental role in copper electrolysis, particularly in the electrowinning and electrorefining processes. These rectifiers are essential for controlling the flow of electricity and ensuring the efficient deposition and purification of copper. Here are the key roles...
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  • Improving the Plating Process of Hard Chrome

    Based on rectification technology involves various strategies and techniques: Utilizing advanced rectification systems with precise current control capabilities to ensure accurate and stable current transfer during the plating process. Implementing feedback control mechanisms to continuously moni...
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  • How to Choose an Equipment Assurance System for Electroplating Production Lines

    To establish an effective quality assurance system for electroplating processes and equipment selection, an enterprise should focus on meeting customer requirements and cultivating a strong and lasting quality reputation. An effective electroplating quality assurance system comprises three key as...
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